Unethical behaviour - by whom?

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Hanif Zahir
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Unethical behaviour - by whom?

Message par Hanif Zahir » lun. 28 oct. 2019 17:07

National pairs tournament. My Partner opens in 1st seat nonvul 1S. I hold Q, Kxxxx, B1098x, Bx. I bid 1NT*( Forcing, alerted by my partner. LHO bids vulnerable 2D, doubled by my partner. RHO passes. I pass. LHO opponent asks me what the X means. I tell LHO that we have not discussed this X. The director is called. I have to leave the table and my partner is told by the director o give LHO the information ( „takeout“). I come back and the hand is played. LHO goes down two and 500 is a top for us. My Partner had 18 HCP with Ax in D. LHO had come in with KQxxx in D and about 9 HCP. After the hand ends LHO drives at me. She does not find my explanation correct. Since I am holding 5 Diamonds I knew it was takeout and I should have told her that. She calls me an unethical player. I tell her that I do not agree to this and she can call the director if she likes. She does. The director lets the result stand.
4 questions:
a) Is it wrong to say „not discussed“ when this is the truth ?( I hadnt played with the person in the last 4 years).
b) due to the fact that I hold 5 cards in D must I tell LHO what the X might mean?

c)why must I leave the table and she has to inform opp. about the meaning.

d) how would you react if an opp. accuses you of being unethical?

Thank you for your answers.

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Re: Unethical behaviour - by whom?

Message par steibock » mar. 29 oct. 2019 08:05

a) "not discussed" should be the answer if that is truth. In general, one can assume that the double is in fact takeout. However, I think it is more unethical to say something like: "I don't know but could be takeout". This gives partner more information

b) There are plenty of possible reasons for this double. To exclude one because of your hand would mean that you have to give information about your hand. I don't think that the rules require you to do this

c) Not sure about that. Never heard something like that

d) Ask for the reason the person has to say that. If they insist on accusing you, ask for the TD and demand him to take action. After all it is highly unethical to accuse someone of cheating without good reason

As I understand the situation, it is correct for the TD not to change the score. The 2D bid was risky and the double is not unusual. With that diamond holding everybody would transform this takeout. Usually, there are two sides of a story (especially to who said what and how) but the technical part seems clear to me.

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Re: Unethical behaviour - by whom?

Message par Swisscan » ven. 8 nov. 2019 21:45

I agree with Luca’s responses. For C, probably to avoid UI from opener to responder.
George Hashimoto